Psychology Applications

In psychological applications, we supply complete systems to measure physiological activity during custom cognitive tasks. For example, in several psychology research projects:

  • we designed specific tasks to assess impulsivity and aggression;
  • built physiological monitoring and data collection system which was fully integrated with the cognitive tasks;
  • we trained the research assistants in the operation of the system;
  • we processed the physiological data and provided researchers with files ready for immediate statistical analysis.

Cognitive Tasks

Our customized cognitive tasks for research studies include:

  • tapping tasks,
  • several versions of the Stop Signal Task (including a video game version),
  • the Eriksen Flankers Task,
  • several versions of gambling tasks for children and adults,
  • Stroop-type tasks,
  • continuous performance tasks with aggression paradigm.

These tasks are designed to collect virtually every event that occurs during a task. This capability enables researchers to ask very specific questions, such as: do impulsive children slow down and work more cautiously after making an error? We have provided speciality analyses for researchers who have completed a study but need further analyses.