Welcome to BioAssessments LLC

BioAssessments provides equipment, custom software, and data analysis for electrophysiological measures used in psychological and medical studies. Our systems are designed to assume the burden of programming and number crunching so that you can focus on your research rather than technological details.

Typical Application

In a typical application, we collaborate with the research team to plan the study and design the cognitive or experimental tasks. Based on these discussions, we assemble a custom system to perform the study you requested. We deliver the complete system and train your staff in the operation of the system. You can collect data from research subjects one or two days after installing the system. After you have collected your data, we process the data (both cognitive and the physiological data) and provide you with data files ready for immediate analysis in a statistical package.

Research Focus

Our main focus is the measurement of low frequency oscillations in physiological and cognitive data. The goal of our research is to better understand the biological and psychological implications of these low frequency oscillations.